Krasey Holiday Gift Guide – Beauty Gifts Part 1 – Fragrance

This picture has nothing to do with gifting, but I like it, okay?!
This picture has nothing to do with gifting, but I like it, okay?!

Jingle Bells

Makeup’s swell

How I love beauty

So much greatness to behold

I just can’t wait to share!

Well folks, the holidays are right around the corner (I know, right?!), and it’s the prime time to take a step back and look at all of the amazing offerings bundled together from our favorite brands, all in the spirit of the season. This woman cannot thrive on makeup and fitness products alone (believe me, I tried!), so that in mind I’ve compiled the best, the boldest, and the brightest offerings that ever I did see. Won’t you grab yourself a gingerbread latte and join me in this winter wonderland series- a cornucopia of presents for the fit, fun, fashionable ladies on your list? With so much out there, I couldn’t confine all of my findings (confound it!) to just one post alone. That in mind, I’ve split this series up into various categories. In this, part one, I feature the best and the brightest in cosmetic gift sets. In future lists, you will see everything to must-sniff fragrances, to fitness apparel you will want to wear outside the gym. We’ve got it all here, folks! Read on for all the nitty-gritty pretty stuff.

Angel LiqueurFor the Mysterious- Thierry Mugler Liqueurs

Thierry Mugler fragrances always succeed in transporting me to a different place and time, somewhere celestial and beautiful. For the holidays, the masterminds behind the fashion house have launched the Liqueurs de Parfum- special edition versions of Angel and Alien inspired by the distillation techniques used to craft high-end cognac. These liqueurs are matured in toasted wooden casks, resulting in deeper, headier scents.

SignorinaFor the Chic- Signorina by Ferragamo

With a brand name that is synonymous with old-world Italian Luxury, Ferragamo goes way beyond just luxury clothing and accessories. In Signorina, we see a scent that is both chic and sophisticated, elegant yet playful. Notable notes in this scent include pink pepper, jasmine, patchouli, and musk. A pannacotta accord adds a sweet creaminess to the scent that helps it sit oh-so-smoothly on the skin.

Marc Jacobs Rollerball TrioFor the Playful- Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio

Lovers of the floral can rejoice over having a tasty trio of totable Marc Jacobs rollerball scents in the Marc Jacobs Rollerball trio. Daisy is a sparkling floral bouquet, while Daisy Eau So Fresh is the whimsical interpretation of the original Daisy fragrance. Last but not least, Dot bursts open with a bright interpretation of jasmine. Besides being a huge fan of Marc Jacob anything and everything, I love having the option of choosing whichever scent moves me that day.

Tocca Meet the GirlsFor the Ultra-Feminine- Tocca Meet the Girls

Speaking of having options, TOCCA’s Meet The Girls is the ultimate collection for indecisive girls everywhere. I have been a longtime fan of TOCCA’s sumptuous line of fragrances, that’s a fact. In the “Meet the Girls” Fragrance Set, you get the entire TOCCA fragrance library, in adorable, portable miniatures. Gone are the days when you have to commit to an entire bottle of a particular scent, and here are the days of variety. In this kit you will find Margaux (which is brand new, by the way!), Cleopatra, Florence, Bianca, Violette, Stella, Brigitte, Liliana and Graciella.


For the Inspired – BOSS JOUR Pour Femme

Inspired by the first light of day, BOSS JOUR Pour Femme is the scent of inspiration. This is the fragrance embodiment of the female experience- light, inspiration, and elegant composure, – brought together in a blend of white florals and citrus. Grapefruit, freesia, and musk are some of the key elements that interact with one another in this bright, floral fragrance.

Ralph Lauren Romance Limited Edition

For the Romantic- Ralph Lauren Romance 15 Yr Edition

When timeless scents celebrate important anniversaries, it is a pretty big deal. For the fifteenth anniversary of the release of Ralph Lauren’s iconic Romance, they have created a Limited Edition 15th Anniversary bottle, adorned with a crystal-inspired cap and housed in a keepsake box. This is the scent for the dreamer, a floral chypre with notes of chamomile, lychee, white violet, and exotic wood.

For Him-

Polo RedPolo Red

Because the gents in our lives deserve a little olfactive love, too, here is the newest from Polo for him. Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s car collection, Polo Red is a powerful scent with drive. With notes of red saffron, red grapefruit and red cedar wood this spicy, woody fragrance definitely captures your attention. The fiery red, high-gloss bottle mimics the sleek curves of an automobile.

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