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If there is one thing I’ve cultivated during my longstanding love affair with fitness, it’s a new-found adoration and appreciation for motivational fitness gear. Translation: tees and tanks that sometimes border on the obnoxious (to non-fitness aficionados, surely) which convey fire-you-up slogans or phrases. In my quest for the perfect motivational apparel, I have come across a brand that can only be described as epically awesome- Raging Rhino Sports Apparel. Besides housing a veritable cornucopia of delightful styles and phrases to choose from, this brand will also custom-craft any tank, tee, or hoodie of your choosing. Witness:

Lady in the Street

Raging Rhino Strong for a Girl


Upon discovery of Raging Rhino, this inquisitive blogger/competitor set out to learn more, straight from the brand founder himself. Read on for an interview with Josh S., creator of Raging Rhino!


1. Tell me more about Raging Rhino. What inspired you to come up with the line?

Raging Rhino Sports Apparel is a family-owned-and-operated custom clothing company located in South Florida. We have an assortment of body building shirts, cotton tees, burnout tee shirts, polos, tanks and hoodies for active men and women of all sizes and shapes.

Sports are in our blood! For more then 60 years combined our family has been involved playing junior sports and college sports. Many are still active in coaching, and training. And there’s something to be said about just watching (GO MARLINS, HEAT, AND DOLPHINS!!).

We are taking our love of sports and clothing and transforming it into Raging Rhino Sports Apparel. Our company offers choices from plain work tees to t-shirts with original and funny slogans. Choose one of our hot slogans or you can create your own. Our family is hoping to make your shopping experience easy and fun. So we welcome all to Raging Rhino Sports Apparel, and to our family!

2. Where did the name come from?

Raging Rhino is just a fun name! I am a big fan of the Rhino and have been told on more than one occasion that I resemble one, so we just ran with it and so far it seems to be a hit

3. Who is your clothing for?

We have something for everyone; whether you are a fitness athlete or just looking for something fun to wear to school, to sporting events, or to lounge around the house in. We can and do provide for everyone from all walks of life, and if you don’t see it on our site we can probably get you anything you need or like….just ask!

4. How do you come up with such kick-butt slogans?

It’s a combination of our fans coming up with them and submitting the slogans to us and me just having a little fun and coming up with things I think will be a little different and even unexpected on our apparel. By all means, if you have an idea you’d like to see on a shirt send us an email and let us know.

5. What are your goals with the brand?

Our goal is just to provide all of our customers with the highest quality products and customer service we can. We just want to keep putting smiles on the faces of our followers. Everyday we became more relevant in the sports apparel business

6. What’s next for Raging Rhino?

We are going to keep expanding our personal line of apparel. We already have our own line of custom fit athletic tank tops and will also be coming out with our own hoodies and Brazilian style tank tops so be on the look out for those!

Thanks for this, Josh. As for my review on the tanks I received- they rock! Comfy, flattering, and packed with enough motivational power to keep me going through some of the most grueling workouts that ever my coach did concoct. Raging Rhino gets an A+ from me, on all counts.

For the most kick-butt gym apparel, visit Raging Rhino Sports Apparel online, now.

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