Celebrate #GetItDone Day with Microsoft and Office 365

Picture this little life scenario…

I’m in a Picture, Get It?!

You are a hyper-active, always busy, gal-on-the-go. Between spending 2 hours at the gym every morning (with an arrival time of 5 AM, mind you!), commuting nearly three hours (there and back!) to your glamorous day job, spending nine hours at your desk (ahh, the cubicle life), and blogging/tweeting/instagramming on the regular, it’s not often you find yourself with enough free time to actually sit down in your home office and #GetItDone. Obviously, I am talking about my own lifestyle and situation, but that doesn’t mean that we all don’t find ourselves just as busy in our own ways. With this in mind, Microsoft is on the forefront of innovation in the technology space. Ultimately, they are providing both the software and the tools to help all of us Get It Done, whatever it happens to be. For me, it is blogging and meeting both my health and fitness goals.


My Fitness Pursuits... You Can Say It's Kind of a Big Deal
My Fitness Pursuits… You Can Say It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Besides fulfilling the role of girlfriend, dog-mom, office administrator and competitor, I am also a part-time blogger/editor/social media extraordinaire. With virtually no free-time, my mobile office becomes my only office, with the Long Island Railroad oftentimes serving as my temporary workspace. For that reason, among others, I am so incredibly grateful to have a little help in the form of devices and applications that let me get everything done, in the most efficient way possible. Thanks to tools provided to me by Office 365, I am tracking all of my workout data, macros and fitness/diet plans LIKE A BOSS. Allow me to explain further.

One of the most important themes in my life currently is whittling my physique into the best shape it can possibly be in. I’ve spent the past year changing both my body and my overall outlook on health, life, and wellness, and now is the perfect time (this off-season) to truly regroup, re-purpose, and find a better way to do things. In my sport of choice- bodybuilding- and with my particular goals, precision is the be-all and end-all when it comes to finding success. From ounces of protein to pounds dead-lifted, gym to office, I need to get it done and move it right along. Here is how Office 365 helps me to do all that (and then some!), and how it can help you as well.

My Mobile Office
This is what my mobile office looks like. Look ma, I’m on a plaaaane!

5 Tips for how I #GetItDone with Microsoft Office 365

1. Save documents in the cloud. No matter where I am, or what I am doing, SkyDrive allows me to save everything from gym selfies (which I post on my various social media channels), to macronutrients consumed, to exercises completed that day. Even better. I can access my SkyDrive from any one of my devices that has internet access.

2. Take digital notes. Each and every workout I perform is very planned and strategic on my part, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t make changes along the way. For my workouts, I use OneNote to not only create my plans, but also to keep track of what I’ve done. OneNote even allows me to insert photos and videos, just in case I’m executing a new exercise where I need to learn the proper form. I can save all of my notes to SkyDrive, and once again access them from virtually anywhere.

3. Use Office on your phone. With an Office Mobile (available for Android and iPhone users who have a subscription to Office 365. If you’re a Windows phone user, Office 365 comes pre-installed!) I am able to access all of my previous notes, documents, and spreadsheets detailing everything from food intake to personal lifting records.

4. Collaborate with anyone. Office Web Apps are web versions of my favorite programs that allow me to collaborate with others. As long as they have SkyDrive, they can go ahead and interact with me via Office Web Apps.

5. Have Office on five devices. In this day and age, who has only one electronic device. I have a desktop, tablet, mobile phone, and laptop, and all of them have Office 365 installed on them. As long as my documents are saved to my SkyDrive, I can access them from all of my devices, anytime, and anywhere.

Long story short, Office 365 allows me to turn any space I happen to inhabit into a mobile office where I can #GetItDone and ultimately reach my goals. We are a nation of busy people, and according to a recent study conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Microsoft:

·         More than half of office workers (53%) would be willing to work more hours—and one in five would be willing to take a pay cut—to have more flexibility in where and when they got work done.

·         Not only that, but nearly one in five office workers (19%) admit that they have worked while going to the bathroom.

Yes, the bathroom. Pretty staggering, if I do say so myself.

Productivity Infographic

So now that we have established how I #GetItDone – allow me to offer up some news on what Microsoft is up to:

To help people realize how – and what – they can get done no matter where they are, Microsoft is declaring November 7th Get It Done Day and starting a movement for the unbound accomplishers. To bring the day to life, Microsoft will host installations in the form of giant checkmarks throughout New York City on November 7th to highlight where major accomplishments are getting done and changing the world. They’ll also showcase how people can collaborate and work together in real-time using technology like Office 365. Those living in New York can pop by the Microsoft Office hub location in Times Square, between 46th & 47th on November 7th (I’ll be there!) and if you’re not in town, anyone can use the #GetItDone hashtag to join the movement. And from Nov. 7th– 21st people can also visit www.office.com/getitdone to enter for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime!

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