Take a Hike, But Don’t Leave Home Without the Puma FAAS 500 TR

Those of you who are lucky enough to know me in person (kidding!) will attest to the fact that I am the opposite of someone that you would describe as outdoorsy. Remember, I am the girl who opts to run on a treadmill rather than venture outside and run on a trail or track. The girl who spins on a bike going nowhere rather than risk jumping on a real bike and trail. It was for that very reason that I, city slicker that I am, felt the need to properly prepare myself for what I am sure will become an annual thing- a group apple picking trip in Upstate New York. Enter my footwear of choice from Puma- namely, the FAAS 500 TR Trail sneakers.

Here is what Puma has to say about one of its latest additions:

“PUMA’s latest trail shoe, Faas 500 TR is the perfect sidekick to your run.  Built to survive and built to help you on your most difficult off- road run, the Faas 500 TR is extremely lightweight, yet has griping traction and a secure fit.  Featuring Faas Foam, PUMA’s proprietary foam, is what allows the shoe to be so lightweight yet doesn’t take away from the comfort, resiliency and durability.”


What I say:

While I don’t know the first thing about running outdoors or hiking, I do know a thing or two about sneakers. Not only are these shoes fashionable to the max (yay, purple!), but they house the perfect amount of traction and group, coupled with a comfort and flexibility that ensured I could walk in them for hours and hours.

One thing is certain, besides the fact that I now have a lot of apples- it’s that PUMA’s FAAS 500TRs rock the house. Find them online, or at a sneaker store near you.

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