Living It Up For Less

Luxe for Less
This dress was purchased on sale, at an outlet, for 60% off! Take that, retail!

When it comes to loving the life you’re living and living the life that you love, surely enjoying the finer things factors into that equation significantly. Unfortunately (and especially with me), my wants and needs often extend beyond what I can afford. Being the savvy person that I am (not that I am tooting my own horn, or anything), I’ve come across certain ways to save where I can, and still enjoy what I want. In this post, I share a couple of my ‘krasey’ bargain secrets with you, so that you too can live the life you want, for less.


Whenever I come across something that I need to purchase, the first place I check is… Ebay! Oftentimes, I will find that sports bra or pair of pants for abour 90% off, and I dig it. A common misconception about eBay is that all of the products have been used, but that’s definitely not the case. All of my stuff is brand new, and was often purchased sans bidding, a la buy it now. Many small businesses sell through eBay because it is easier and cheaper for them, which in turn makes it cheaper for me!


While I do so happen to be a health nut, I am also an unapologetic and discerning foodie. is a service that allows you to purchase an allotment at a restaurant, for a fraction of the cost. Say you are in the mood for Sushi- simply go to and find a place in your area. Purchase a certificate, and you are good to go. $25 typically gets you a $50 meal, and the site is always having sales so a coupon can sometimes be as cheap as $2. That’s a pretty heft discount, if I do say so myself.

Did Someone Say Outlers/Sample Sale?

Living in New York, I am no stranger to sample sales, while living in Long Island specifically gives me access to not one but two stellar outlets. It all comes down to knowing where to look, and arriving early to get what you want. For those that don’t live in areas that have sales like this, online sites like Gilt and Hautelook are just as awesome. Outlets are a great place to look for designer duds for less, too! See the above photo for proof.

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