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 LeCheek Nutrition

While fitness supplement reviews may not make it on this site all too often, rest assured that your resident blogger/fitness junkie is still hard at work at the gym testing all of the latest and greatest products in that arena. In this post, I wax poetic about Le Cheek Nutrition, a brand that recently fell under my radar, and since discovering has become an absolute staple in my supplement arsenal.

 Speed X3 + Pump X3 = One Killer Workout

One of the things I have been focusing on in the off-season (a.k.a my 4 month competition hiatus) is building muscle, and lots of it. Having slimmed myself down considerably, I did unfortunately lose some of the muscle mass that I had previously built. As a result, these past few months I have been lifting heavier, eating more, and doing less cardio. A fun combination, really!

 Back to the products.

Pump X3 aids in increasing vascularity (enhanced blood flow = enhanced nutrient delivery) and strength (thanks to naturally occurring creatine), while speed is chockfull of stimulants that aid in increasing both strength and focus.     


I’ve incorporated both (mixed together with 16 oz of water and taken 30 minutes before my weight/cardio workout combination) into my stack, to amazing results. Within the first 20 minutes or so I start to feel not only an intense burst of energy, but a huge increase in mental focus and clarity. Another 10 minutes go by, and I feel like I can lift a house.


Over the course of my workout, I have enough energy (but not so much that I am ready to jump out of my skin) to lift long, hard, and heavy, with the ability to focus solely on whatever it is I’m doing (a phenomenom known as tunnel vision). Even better, the energy lasts long after I am done with my workout, fueling me for the day ahead.


All in all, I am a HUGE fan of LeCheek’s Pre Workout stack. Try it for yourself, by visiting

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