Form Meets Function Meets Fashion- Kicking It in Style with #PumaFitness

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Working professional, blogger, doting dog-mom, girlfriend, daughter, nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor, and unapologetic gym rat. Clearly, I go by many working titles, with a lot of them being related to another more so than one would think. In this post, we focus on the gym fashionista side of me, with a plethora of goodies that I am enjoying from none other than Puma. When form, meets function, meets fashion, the result is what you are about to see here in Puma’s latest releases.

Formlite XT Ultra Fluo Women’s Training Shoes

I am a sneaker-head, and that’s no lie. From the minimalist to the technologically advanced, I have and have tried them all. In these Formlite XT Ultra Fluo kicks, I have found the most lightweight, flexible shoe, ever. They weigh nothing, and fit like second skin, making them absolutely ideal for lifting, cardio, and even stretching. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they look hot, all bright and peachy.They also come in PURPLE (PURPLE!!), and those rock just as hard.



Tech ACTV Tights

In my experience as a fashion-minded fitness junkie, PUMA is a brand that always innovates with both footwear and apparel. With ACTV, PUMA has brought the leggings game to the next level, with a pair of tights that incorporates strategic compression strips embedded into the inside of the clothing. What this means is that these ultra lightweight tights actual provide micromassage to enhance circulation during exertion. In other words, you can work harder, faster, and longer with these bad boys on. What’s not to love.

Ribbed Performance Tank Top

An oldie but goodie, the Ribbed Performance Tank is ultra-streamlined, super comfy, and incredibly good looking with its fun colors. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I do happen to be partial to pink.

This fall, PUMA is offering up a whole lot to love for gym junkies and fitness fashionistas everywhere.

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