Dry Skin Savers and Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash

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Summer is in full swing, and that means that we are enjoying blue skies, pina coladas, and plenty of scanty outfits. That’s why when it comes to dry skin, my own mantra is: “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat”. In this post, I provide you with just a few of my own tried and true tips for tackling dry skin, and updating one’s beauty routine to make dryness a thing of the past. Read on to hear more!

1. Slather the skin with moisturizer, always. Over the course of the day, and many parts in thanks to daily exposure to the elements, skin loses its own natural moisture. Add to the equation and abundance of dry heat, and skin is in double trouble. Combat this by always keeping moisturizer handy, and slathering skin liberally when the opportunity presents itself.

2. Exfoliate often to remove dead skin cells on the epidermis. Dead skin does not absorb moisture, it deflects it. As a bonus, sloughing the dead skin on the surface will reveal the shiny, smooth, younger skin underneath.

3. Steam the skin to open the pores, release natural oils, and naturally moisturize the skin. Also remember that open pores will always be more receptive to product absorbtion.

In short, regular scrub and slather sessions will always smooth, supple, well-moisturized skin make. Summer is not the time to show off dead, dry, lack-luster skin, folks. Although, anytime is a good time to up your moisturizing ante.

Speaking of moisturizers, a great cream or lotion is only half the story, We must also consider what we use in the bathtub, for certain body gels/washes can leave skin dryer than the Sahara, by lifting oils and not replacing them. Lately, I’ve been loving Olay’s Ultra Moisture Body Wash, which provides my skin with deep-penetrating, lasting moisture. This body wash is thick with moisture, leaving my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, long after I rinse it off. All in all, a huge shower staple win! 

Did you know that virtually all of the moisturizers in the leading body wash just wash down the drain? Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash is different. The cleansing lather releases a moisturizing lotion. More moisturizers stay on your skin and less go down the drain. The result? More moisturized skin. See the facts at TheMoistureRising.com.


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