Fit Girl Problems – Muscle Aches and the Cure

Being that I am a Team Bombshell athlete and self-proclaimed gym rat, I am constantly being exposed to a whole new variety of exercise routines that bring the hurts, and bad. Despite my best efforts at stretching and foam-rolling (myofascial release is your friend!), my muscles are constantly deciding that they want to tense up and ache constantly, rendering me practically useless outside of the gym. That being said, I sent out a special distress signal to my friends on twitter, asking what cures the aches that ail them. After a rousing q& a session, these are the products that I came away with. Read on, my aching friends, for the cure to what ails you.
LUSH Massage Bar and Bath Bomb
Everyone knows that massages are a sore body’s best friend, but it’s a long hot soak in a hot bath full of aromatherapeutic goodness followed by a good ol’ fashion rubdown that really calms those aching muscles down. Above are Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb (loaded with Hawaiin sea salts and mineral rich clay), and Wiccy Magic Muscles (loaded with peppermint and cinnamon spice oils to relax and rejuvenate, and aduki beans to knead away knots and kinks).
Lather Muscle Ease
Lather is a new addition to my brand vocabulary, but one that I am eternally grateful for as I get through my aches and pains. Above is a selection of products I’ve tried- all of which are fabulous, by the way!- with my favorite being Muscle Ease cream. Muscle Ease is an herbal pain relieving gel designed to relieve all the hurt on contact. It is formulated with menthol, camphor and capsaicin to heat and cool simultaneously on contact.
Bliss Fat Girl Slim Scrub
While it isn’t necessarily a product geared towards relieving aching muscles, I am a firm believer in the healing powers of an exfoliating rubdown. Towards that end, Bliss’ latest product in the Fat Girl Slim line rids me of unsightly bumps and lumps, all while smelling up my shower with all kinds of minty goodness.
So tell me what ails your aching muscles in the comments!

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