It’s a #FUZENation and We are Just Living In It

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Financial Administrator/Nationally Qualified Bodybuilding Competitor/Fit Foodie/furbaby mommy/Blogger. Clearly I’ve got a lot going on in my life, and therefore a lot of unique aspects of my personality that come together to form my rather unique whole. By the way, my alternate personas may not be as apparent as you think.

By early morning (think crack of dawn)- a devoted gym rat, by morning to afternoon- an administrator in a large financial firm, and by evening- Blogger, dogmom, and everything in between. I’m a busy gal, clearly. Yes, I am passionate about beauty and fitness, as you can see by this little corner of the interwebs that I’ve maintained for quite some time now- but I am so much more than that, as well. I’m an ever-evolving individual, and self-improvement, fitness, competing, and healthy food are just a few of my main focuses.

Now about that- New York City is where I was both born and raised, and a locale just bursting with scenes that enable me to do what I love. At the same time, I am a ‘burb dweller on the weekends. Yes, I do work in the city day in and day out,but I also eat, workout, and play in the city and at home, as well. Here are just a few of my favorite spots in both NYC, and Long Island!


FlyWheel- Flatiron

I’m a girl who loves to get her sweat on, and when I want to just let go and really go for the burn, my pick is FlyWheel. Kicking tunes, a grueling workout, and a little friendly competition- what can be better?

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Buddakan- Chelsea

When it comes to delicious food, I’m a firm believer in the occasional rich meal, in moderation of course. While Buddakan draws attention for being featured in Sex and the City, I think it deserves constant praise for its amazing food. Each and every single time I go there, I can’t help but enjoy.

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Chelsea Market- Chelsea

After a decadent meal, I always enjoy a casual stroll through the Chelsea Market, where I can find everything from Inglot cosmetics Inglot, to artisanal cheeses and fresh made bread, to clothing accessories, and housewares from Anthropologie. Not a bad way to work off a great meal, and pick up some treats for later.

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Tasti D Lite- Penn Station

Sure, I know that froyo is all the rage these days, but I am and have always been a Tasti D kind of girl. What is Tasti D Lite, you ask? It’s basically soft serve light ice cream, that comes in the most amazing flavors (nutella, brownie cheesecake, or buttercrunch, anyone?). There are small shops all over the city, but I love popping into the self-serve spot in Penn Station. Is it glamorous- not really? But does it taste awesome-absolutely.



Speaking of awesome, FUZE’s new teas are quite a distinct departure from my usual beverage of choice- H2O. I’m enjoying the fruity flavor and extra B vitamin boost in the Lemonade/Iced Tea Combo!

What makes NYC and Long Island so amazing, is that they enable all of my personas. Do share some of your hidden and local loves in the comments!


FUZE is a refreshing combination of Iced tea, natural fruit flavors and vitamins B6 and B12. It’s a perfect mix of ingredients, just like you.

FUZE. Never just one thing.

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