Cover Girl 9-5 Gym Challenge

The secret is out, and I’m coming clean. Folks, I am a not-so-closeted gym rat; even more so now that I am entering the final stretch of competition prep. When I say my training has become intense, I mean that I am literally in the gym about 3-4 hours every single day. For that reason, when I received a package from Cover Girl inviting me to take the 9-5 challenge, I knew I had to put the product to the test at the gym- where I can usually be found in the hours between 9-5.

The products up for discussion were new Outlast Foundation and LipPerfection Color Gloss Balm. Both products are designed for application on the q&e (quick and easy), and both products perform the duties of multiple products, so you won’t be taking up as much precious space in your makeup bag with products.

I applied my face pre-gym, around 10 AM, and found myself to be pretty pleased with the outcome of my efforts. The foundation looked both soft and natural on my pale skin, neither masking the natural texture and look of my face, nor allowing minor imperfections to show through. The glossy stick was smooth and shiny, with just the right amount of color that looks appropriate whether you are at the gym, in the office, or out on the town.

So did my makeup withstand the tests of time, exertion, and a lot of sweating on my part- it did! With the exception of some wear on the lips (from sipping on my water bottle), I’m happy to report that this CoverGirl duo passed my 9-5 test with flying colors.

Take the 9-5 challenge, and see for yourself what the fuss is about. These brand-new Cover Girl products are available at a drugstore near you.

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