Sublime Sound for Gym Junkies with Koss Flexfits for Women a.k.a #Fit4Life

Koss Flexfit for Women

When it comes to this business of working out, suffice it to say that being a bombshell means that I spend not one, not two, but oftentimes three hours of my life a day at my beloved gym. In order to keep me on track, on point, and engaged in “bombshell beast mode” the entire time, I employ the use of music to keep me going. As such, the delivery vessel (usually headphones) is not only a gym bag staple, but an absolute necessity. Enter a pair of earbuds that are literally rocking my music world. Say hello to Koss Flexfit Earbuds for Women.

Koss FlexFit

As part of a Fitfluential campaign, yours truly had the opportunity to test these brand new additions to the Koss lineup, designed specifically for our smaller ear canals. Besides being incredibly eye-catching in its neon glory, these headphones are light as a feather, fit snugly into the ear canal, and produce the most incredible sound. Having a tiny head, my problem with standard earbuds is the lack of a tight fit- something that is crucial when going at it in the gym for hours on end. I don’t know about you, but nothing irks me more than my earbuds falling out in the middle of an intense sprint session.

As you see above, I put these earbuds through the rigors of intense cardio sprinting, weight training, and one bombshell stage posing practice session. Throughout it all, not only did they deliver amazing sound that kept the background out and music in, but they did not budge one bit. Through sweat, and even hanging upside down, my flexfits stayed with me- something no other earbud has ever done. As in never ever.

Koss Flexfits are a MUST-HAVE for all women who love to get their gym music on. I’ve found my new favorite, and I am never letting it go!

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