How to prepare the skin for summer

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The winter is finally over and certainly did its best to set challenges for all skin types. Dryness, cold temperatures and heavy winds had to be dealt with by everyone. Now, summer is here and poses new challenges for the skin. It now has to deal with warmth, heat, humidity, the UV rays as well as pollution and pollen in the air. It seems as if summer is an equally demanding season for all skin types. To help against these challenges, here are some helpful tips for reviving your skin this summer:

Sun protection and reducing oiliness

The two most important issues which need to be emphasized when it comes to summer skin care are sun protection and reducing oiliness.

  • Sweat and a high level of humidity in the air can be draining for the surface of the skin. Too much moisture may lead to clogged pores resulting in pimples and blackheads, and it can leave the skin looking greasy. To avoid greasy and shiny-looking skin, try cleaning your skin with a deep cleanser removing sebum in the evening. In the morning, use a decent powder to prevent and take away any shininess.
  • The sun is essential for life on earth and also for the human body to synthesize vitamin D, essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphate. It can, however, also pose some serious risks to the human body. Due to the increasing damage to ozone layer, the sun can penetrate the earth more directly with its ultraviolet rays. In order to avoid sunburn and its possible aftereffects, creams and lotions put on the exposed body parts such as the face, neck and hands should include a sun blocker or at least an UV-filter. In order to hit two birds with one stone, try using a non-greasy SPF sun protection for the face.
  • Finally, try using a bb cream to cover any existing irritations or redness. It can help to dry out the spots and to revive the skin. Of course, everyone’s skin is different and so different products will suit different skin types differently, in terms of care. For that reason, taking a look across the wide range of products from Schrammek is a great idea.
  • Aside from all these skin care tips, you shouldn’t forget to also care for the body from the inside. A healthy nutrition can also improve the skin surface very much. Eating more fruits and nuts, and less chocolate and sugar, as well as drinking plenty of water are the first steps towards a better-looking skin.

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