Top Secret Nutrition XAT 7 Review

Folks, I’m knee-deep in competition prep mode. As such, I find myself at a point where I need to not only lean my body out, but also diet and train harder. Enter the thermogenic, fat-fighting, energy-boosting XAT 7, from Top Secret Nutrition.

I am fairly new to the thermogenic game, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know an awesome one when I see it. XAT-7 is a fat burner that tackles weight loss from 7 unique biological mechanisms.

I started my trial run by taking one pill in the morning on an empty stomach, prior to going fast and furious for my morning cardio session. What I found with that small dose was a slight boost of energy, not unlike the effect I get after taking a single scoop of Cardio Igniter. Best of all though, my head felt clearer, and my cravings all but disappeared- a blessing when you really can’t afford to slip up on diet.

After about 3 days, I decided it was time to up the XAT 7 ante, and increase my dose to 2 capsules pre-cardio. That hit the spot alright, as my energy went through the roof, my focus was crystal clear, and hunger all but disappeared. In fact, I notice that I have to set reminders to eat my meals when taking this, because I’m just not hungry, and I’d forget otherwise.

All in all, XAT 7 is another winner from a brand I’ve come to associate with high quality products that just plain work.

Get in on the XAT 7 train, today.

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