Krasey Hair Color with Nikki at the Sally Hershberger Salon

Spring has sprung, boys and girls, and that means it is high time for your resident beauty-phile to experience her very own spring awakening, of the hair color variety. Gone are the drab, dull, and dark days of winter- in their place are the brighter, lighter, softer days of spring. I’ve done everything I can to maintain this mop on my head, including stockpiling all types of goodies at Capital Hair & Beauty Supplies. Anywho, I don’t trust just anyone with these tresses, so I went to Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon, and put my mane in the hands of expert colorist, Nikki.

On initial consult, it was determined that a. Chocolate brown would be my color and b. I had a whole lot of dark to lift from my hair before any dye touched my strands. And so, the process began with a color lifting, followed by a root dye, and overall glaze. Not for the faint of heart, folks!

The salon, which is located on the edge of the Meatpacking District is every bit as bright and trendy as you would expect for the neighborhood. Cool tunes play over the speaker system, and even cooler-dressed experts put their skills to work on clients.

I am thrilled with my new chocolate brown hair color, and will recommend (loudly and proudly) this gem of a salon and my rockstar of a colorist- Nikki. To make an appointment, contact the Sally Herberger Salon Downtown at (212) 206-8700.

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