Krasey Fit- My First Comp Experience, and a Note on Competition Beauty Prep

So many of you have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately- unless you are on Instagram, twitter, or Facebook- in which case, you know. This fitness fiend has taken her obsession to the next level, diving head first into the exciting world of competitive bodybuilding. I took fourth for my first show, by the way, which I am rather thrilled about.

While I’ve been busting my butt and spending countless hours in the gym, I must confess that is only half the battle! Shopping for products is of course, the fun part. Especially when it is for laura mercier at Beautique Beauty prep is what can make you or break you, folks, and I wasn’t going to let ruddy skin or a few stray body hairs ruin my overall package. Here are the products that I kept handy, for their ability to make the beauty prep process as quick and painless as possible.

Gillette Venus Embrace Razors and Gillette Satin Care with Olay Shaving Gel

When it comes to wearing a bikini, stray hair has no place anywhere on my body. Shaving EVERYTHING is one of the less glamourous aspects of comp prep, but nevertheless it is a necessary evil. Gillette and Olay fortunately make the process go a lot more smoothly (pun intended).

MAC Studio Tech and Studio Fix Foundation

One of the things you may notice in these photos is that I am a tad darker than usual. Six coats of spray tan to the body later, my face (which is never touched by the airbrush gun) leaves me looking like I’ve been painted white. Fortunately, it is MAC Studio Tech and Studio Fix to the rescue, matching my face to my body perfectly. Honorable mention of course goes to NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil in Mexican Rose, which is THE PERFECT pink for the stage.

Dial Body Washes

If there is one thing I do a lot of in prep mode, it’s scrub scrub scrub my body multiple times a day. Thanks to Dial’s newest, the process smells and feels as great as it can. I especially love the new Himalayan Pink Salt scent, which smells divine.

Zaggora Svelt Melt and Motion Lotion

2/3 of the Zaggora weight loss and toning trifecta, both Svelt Melt and Motion lotion kept my skin tight, taut, toned, and moisturized when things got hot and heavy at the gym.

Here are some more stage pics.

These days, I’m doing everything I can to bring my best to the stage. Thanks to these products, I can!

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