The BEST Running Shoes You Need- PUMA Mobium Elite

Alrighty folks, confession time. It’s no secret that I love me some fitness, LOVE it. The news is that I do not like to run. Okay fine, I hate running. Little legs + big boobs = discomfort major. Sure, the endorphins are great, and I love the calorie burn, but everything else- no me gusta! Unfortunately for me, running is one of the best kinds of cardiovascular exercise, and one that I have been doing lots of these past few months for the aforementioned reason. Enter the one pair of sneakers to rule them all, the sneakers that have made my running experience dare I say it, enjoyable- PUMA’s brand new Mobium Elites.

As per the manufacturer:

PUMA has developed the very best in a running shoe that forms to you and the way you rack in those miles. The Mobium Elite uses innovative technology to its advantage through the shoes ability to expand and contract along with your foot. It’s a shoe that supports when you need it, expands for extra spring and adds cushion for protection.

Featuring ‘Expansion Pods’ that are in the size, shape and location where cushioning, protection and flexibility are most needed for the human foot. There’s also the finely tuned ‘Mobium Band’; an elasticized band that runs in a figure eight around the sole. It performs just like a foot’s tendons for a fabulous extra spring in your step.

What all of that means is that these lightweight, breathable kicks adhere to my foot in a way not unlike all of those minimalist shoes we are seeing pop up everywhere. What makes them so awesometastic for running however is all in the sole, of the sneaker, that is. I don’t know how PUMA does it, but without the use of air, springs, or any other gimmicks, they have created a sneaker that literally bounces back with every step my feet take. I feel all gazelle-like running in my mobiums- all sleek, swift, and dare I say it- graceful. This is a pair of sneakers that actually take all the work out of running, and I am ALL for that.

Head on here, to experience PUMA’s newest Mobium Elite sneakers for yourself.

One thought on “The BEST Running Shoes You Need- PUMA Mobium Elite

  • March 9, 2013 at 12:59 am

    Oh, I think I’m gonna get me a pair of these! They are cute!

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