I Go Nuttzo for Nuttzo

If there is one thing I love, it’s feeding my body with wholesome, healthy, nutritious foods that do my mind, body, and spirit good. Clean eating is the name of the game, and healthy snacking is the topic of this post. I’ve made mention of Nuttzo’s delectable nut butters before, but I fully believe that good tips bear repeating, don’t you?
For those of you who are just tuning in, Nuttzo is a brand of multi-nut butters that go way beyond your typical peanut and almond, throwing other delectables into the mix such as cashews, macadamias, chia, flax, and the list goes on and on. Gone are the days of bland and boring nut butter, as Nuttzo takes the concept ten steps further with a blend that not only knocks your taste buds off their rears (if taste buds were to have rears, that is), but also offers up a potent blend of heart-healthy Omegas (that’s healthy fat).
Run, don’t walk to your nearest Whole Foods, or get thee to the Nuttzo website to partake in some scrumptious nut buttery goodness, today.

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