A Peek at Zoya Nail Polishes Darker Side- Diva and Designer

It has been a while since I’ve talked polish here on KB. Call it a lack of inspiration, call it laziness, or maybe call me underwhelmed, until now. After getting my unpolished hands on Zoya’s Fall collections- Diva and Designer, I consider myself inspired again. What a fantastical selection of colors, boys and girls. See em here, and tell me which shades you love!
Katherine Paloma Frida

My nails are currently a hot mess, which is why you may not be seeing swatches on this here site of mine. Regardless, I want you all to ooh and ahh over the opaque and utter loveliness of the collection!

Rei Fei Fei Daul
Elisa Suri Song
Rekha Toni Monica
Natty Evvie Noot
Zoya’s fall collection is available right this very second, on Zoya.com!

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