Working Out in Style- The Puma Bio Web Elite Sneakers

Being a bombshell, the treadmill and running in general are a huge part of my fitness repertoire. As such, a great pair of sneakers are obviously par for the course, and I’ve found those in the latest and greatest from Puma, the Bio-Web Elite sneaker series. Besides being awesomely cool-looking, they are definitely an attention-grabber, with their flashy colors and futuristic design. People are always stopping me at the gym to ask where I got my kicks from!
Activities that one can partake in while wearing said awesome kicks include, but of course are not limited to weight lifting, squatting, flexing, stair stepping, running, walking, elliptical-ing (yes, I made that word up), and cheesing for the camera, as you see above.
These shoes have decidedly more stability and support in them then say, my usual Flex’s or Vibram’s, making them ideal for heavy cardio days when I don’t want to beat up on my feet too much. I can do cardio in these for hours upon hours, and my feet will still feel great. Kind of epic for this gym rat, really.
The Puma BioWeb Elite sneakers are currently available, both online at Lady Foot Locker, and in stores!

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