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If there is one thing I love to do in the gym, it is to work harder than the last time, and look darned good while I am doing it. I am that girl who goes to the gym in color coordinated outfits, hooked up to every piece of high tech gym equipment- from the newest heart rate monitor to the greatest cellulite eradicator, ever. Read on for my picks for some of the most awesome gym tech pieces I’ve come across, and why I am loving them lately.
Gym Boss Interval Timer
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that intervals are the greatest thing to happen to fitness since jelly happened to peanut butter. That being said, one of the most challenging aspects of completing said intervals, especially when you are going balls to the proverbial wall in the effort arena, is keeping track of said intervals. Enter the gym boss, which is designed to keep track of your intervals when you can’t. Simply set the timing, and the number of sets, and Gym Boss does the rest. Pretty easy, really.
Fat Fader Lotion
While steady exercise is in fact the best way to get rid of extra fat, cellulite, and all kinds of other unsavories, sometimes one still needs a little help in the dimple-fighting arena. That being said, Fat Fader is my new weapon against dimples and sag. I simply slather my problematic areas with the stuff prior to getting my sweat on, and let the lotion do work even as I do. This potent blend of aminophyllines, forskolin and raspberry ketones tingles on the skin and offers up a pleasant cooling sensation during use. The proof is in the pudding, they say, or in my case, a lack thereof. 😉
Tocca Scrubs
Further pursuant to our discussion of cellulite reducers, another great step in minimizing the appearance of said offender is a daily scrub a dub in the shower, to get the blood flowing post hot and sweaty gym session. I’ve really been digging the newest scrubs from Tocca’s bath and body line, which not only offer up some great scrubbing action to clear dirt, grime, and germs from my pores, but also some intoxicating scents that totally offer up some aromatherapeutic properties.
Heart Rate Monitor
If I’ve said it a million times, that certainly isn’t enough, for I believe that a heart rate monitor is one of the most crucial instruments one can have in the gym. Lately, I’ve been digging the Sportline Solo 965, which not only monitors my heart rate sans chest strap, but also offers up my calorie burn for the entire duration of wear. All it takes is a finger to the tiny sensor on the watches face, and you can instantly have your heart rate, along with a number of other vital stats. The watch itself is tiny and unobtrusive, making it ideal for daily wear.
HydraCoach Smart Water Bottle
If there is one tenant of general wellness and optimal fitness, it’s that hydration is oh so important. That being said, keeping track of your intake just got easier thanks to Sportline’s smart water bottle. With a visual display and reminder to drink, staying hydrated has never been easier.
B Skinz Shorts
Being that I workout pretty long, and pretty hard, I am always finding myself in need of a garment to pull a quick change into. Towards that purpose, I dig B Skinz spandex shorts, which come in a variety of different colors. Not only are they super compact, but comfortable enough to work out in for hours, and flashy, to boot!
So, what gym tech pieces are you loving right now? Do share in the comments!

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  • February 26, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Woah! This is some awesome stuff! How much are these items? The heart monitor looks awesome and I’ve never seen a digital water bottle!

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