Healthy Food Made Easy with Diet-To-Go

When it comes to catering to active and on-the-go lifestyles, I think it’s safe to say that pre-made, pre-packaged plans are a safe bet towards getting your nutrition on the quick and easy. While I  normally insist on prepping my own healthy foods, let’s face it, sometimes, you just don’t have the time. Enter Diet-to-Go, a diet meal delivery system that brings the gourmet into healthy, quick, and convenient meals.

Turkey Loin, Veggies, and Risotto- Yum!

As a member of the Fitfluential community, I had the exclusive opportunity to  test drive the Diet-to-Go program for three days. This included breakfast, lunch, and dinner, pre-packaged and ready for consumption.

The meals arrived in a large foam cooler, with 6 huge ice packs to keep it all cold and fresh for me. Of course, I couldn’t wait to dig in, and got to eating, erm, work, right away.

The meals I had the opportunity to try were fabulous, with many of them coming under 500 calories. I chose the low fat plan by the way, in case you were all wondering. Everything from stuffed potatoes to curried shrimp, and even french toast was included in my plan. I am happy to report that each meal was delicious, flavorful, and filling enough to satisfy my appetite. Having logged my calories on My Fitness Pal, the macros were completely in line with what this active girl needs.

All in all, I am incredibly pleased with the experience. As far as diet meal delivery systems are concerned, Diet-to-Go is a winner in this fit blogger’s book!

For those wanting to get in on the Diet-to-Go action, be sure to visit their website, today! Use code “fitfluential” for 20% off your purchase!

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