What Was Old Is Fabulously New Again- Saying Yes Yes Yes to Herbal Essences

Show of hands, who remembers those Herbal Essences commercials from the 90’s? You know- girl enters plane bathroom, girl washes hair while making o-noises into a secret intercom, plane’s inhabitants then want to get in on the 0-inducing, hair-washing action. Yes, I AM talking about Herbal Essences, the shampoo and conditioner line that dominated my tweendom. If you are anything like me, you were addicted to the intoxicating scent, and were oh so sorry to see it go in the late 90’s.
But what good would beauty be if we didn’t from time to time see some old and familiar favorites return? That is exactly what has happened here, with the much-anticipated return of the original Smooth and Shine Collections from Herbal Essences. Besides smelling amazing, and leaving my hair looking phenomenal, the memories these products bring are absolutely worth the small price tag of the products (a steal at $3.99 each). While the scent and look remains the same, modern beauties will be happy to note that these products are now silicone (for the shampoos) and sulfate (for the conditioners) free.
The new old products drop on drugstore shelves at the end of the month, but Facebook fans have the opportunity to get in on the action early! Visit the Herbal Essences Facebook Page tomorrow, 1/12 at 12 PM, to snag your goodies early!
Take a trip down memory lane, and say yes yes yes to this familiar favorite!

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