A Very Krasey Update

Happy 2013, boys and girls!

Some of you may have noticed a slight radio silence here on KB this past couple of weeks, and I want to apologize for that. I am a tad bit ashamed to admit that I have let my personal life eclipse the blog, getting in the way of posting here. Upheaval, a bit of distress, and a whole lot of changes later, I have re-emerged in 2013 with a new desire to over-share with you all.

This is a post to let you all know that I am still here, and still going strong. I’ve got a lot of new things to share with you all, so please do stay tuned. In the meantime, tell me how you spent your New Year’s Eve? Any fun resolutions to share?!

One thought on “A Very Krasey Update

  • January 3, 2013 at 9:30 am

    I hope all is okay! Thinking about you!

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