Make Up For Ever Holiday Collection, Swatched and Reviewed

If the weather outside is any indication, we can officially call it winter here in these parts. What that means is that not only can we look forward to freezing temperatures, fireside snuggles, and snow, but that we can also turn our keen beauty-centric eyes towards holiday beauty collections aplenty! In this edition of holiday obsessions, Make Up For Ever’s newest additions.
It’s been a long-established fact here on Krasey Beauty that I am more than slightly obsessed with Make Up For Ever, so it should come as no shock that I am head-over-heels, krasey in love with the new holiday offerings.
Is it a glitter, or is it a pigment? I say it doesn’t matter, because these Holodiam powders are STUNNING. It’s like a pigment and a glitter had a love child, and came out with these. Multidimensional, microfine, and full of holiday sparkle, fans of the loose colored powders need to get on these, like yesterday.
Oh holiday lashes, how do I adore thee? These golden beauties are the perfect complement to the holiday red lip.
And speaking of holiday complements, I’ve saved the best for last, with this essential eye liner kit, which features Aqua Liners, Khols, and Liquid Aqua liners. Being a huge fan of the smoky eye, I can think of no less than a hundred different looks to be created with these babies. Yes, it’s pricey, but it’s also anything and everything you could ever want or need.
This holiday season, I’m all about the Make Up For Ever. Who’s with me?!

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