Krasey Fit Holiday Gift Guide

If there is one thing that I can declare with confidence, it’s that I am of a state of mind where fitness products excite me as much as, if not sometimes more, than anything else you can put under my holiday tree. For those of you with fitness junkies on your list (yourselves included, naturally), here are my picks for holiday gifts for all of my fellow fit chicks.
Puma Gear
Fit girls are busy girls, aren’t they? Always running from Spin to work, to the gym, and back again. To me, time is always of the essence, and for that reason, a great watch can be the chicest accessory. Puma is a brand that has recently captured both my love and devotion, and their lineup of watches are kind of incredibly hot. Also deserving of your time and attention is the Puma Factory, which allows you to customize a pair of Puma sneakers to your preferences, and of course the kick@ss gear, which not only flatters, but works as hard as you do.
Polar FT60
Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor
All the experts and this self-professed gym rat agree that if there is one instrument that is vital to monitoring your progress in the gym, it’s a great heart rate monitor. Of the several models that I have used, Polar has always and forever come out on top, with amazing features and an oh-so-sleek design. The Polar FT-60 is the rolls royce of heart rate monitors for its custom training and tracking features, and in ever-so-stylish magenta, this watch looks pretty hot, too.
Zaggora Hotpants
Speaking of hot, one of the things I never go to the gym without is a pair of Zaggora Hotpants, which are bottoms (shorts, capris, and leggings) that cause you to work 11% harder. Zaggora pants were thought up in the UK, but have thankfully made their way to our shores, giving women the ability to feel confident that a trip to the gym results in an awesome burn. These pants are made of a neoprene blend, and actually flatter. They make me work harder, look hotter, and feel more accomplished. Oh, and rest assured that these also rock for outdoor runs, as they help keep you warm when the temperatures drop.
Sportline 345DS Pedometer
Another great tool for monitoring your progress and promoting a fit and active lifestyle is a pedometer, and Sportline just so happens to have a great one in their 345DS model. This pedometer will not only tell you how many steps you are taking in the day (the more the better, obviously!), but it will also tell you the distance you have walked (or run), and also how many calories you’ve burned. Oh, and it is super affordable too, at a small pricetag of under $23.
A new addition to my gym apparel lineup, the Handana is a neat little wrap that does more than look pretty on my hand. Handana is a neat little tool that discreetly serves to mop that sweat off of my forehead, whenever I need it. Gone are the days of ugly, bulky, uncomfortable elastic sweatbands, as the Handana does it all with style.
Lululemon Gym Bag
What good are your gym gear and gadgets if you have nothing to carry them in? I happen to love Lululemon bags, which literally think of everything in their design from extra compartments to store sweaty, dirty things, pockets for your extra-long yoga mat, and an included drawstring bag for sneakers. Oh, and they look pretty, too.
And these, my friends, are my picks for what to get the fit-phile in your life.

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  • December 22, 2012 at 7:25 am

    Love the Puma Gear! Very Stylish!

    Happy Holidays!

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