Krasey Fit Gym Bag Beauty Staples

If there is one thing I am always trying to do of late, it’s to blend my two passions together into one cohesive unit. That is, to meld fitness and beauty. In this post, I bring them together in a familiar fashion, by presenting my new and notable gym bag staples. Here are the items that I stock in my Under Armour gym bag, when I need to get myself from gritty to pretty, and out of the gym in a hot New York second.
Good beauty begins in the shower, and for me, getting myself stubble free is pretty high up on the priority list.  For that,  I grab my handy Schick Quattro razors and Skintimate Shave gel.
I don’t like toting bulky bottles of facial cleansers and exfoliators, so for me, Seventh Generation facial wipes do the trick.
I am never ever without my SPF-infused moisturizer on the face, and lately I’ve really been digging Murad’s Pomegranate… I love that it is colorless, which means I can literally apply without a mirror. Super important when I really don’t have ANY TIME.
Having no time in the morning means that I can’t always wash my hair after I workout. I also like to avoid carrying bottles upon bottles of products, if I can avoid it. For that reason, Batiste’s newest tinted dry shampoo is a gift from above, soaking up all that nasty oil and the bad smells, to leave my hair looking and smelling so fresh and so clean.
Being that the eyes are the window to my soul, and all that good stuff, I love me a good eyeliner that lasts. Enter NARS’ new Stylo liners, which come in a portable, super easy to use pen. A flick of the wrist is all it takes to get dreamy cat eyes, that last all the live long day.
So, tell me ladies- what are your gym bag staples?

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