Best Bet Beauty Gifts

From scented lotions to that coveted hair removal system, discover the best beauty gifts to give to the women in your life.

Send the perfect gift to the closest women in your life– whether it’s your mother, sister, other family members or friends. Beauty gifts are an excellent choice because women want and use these products, and you can make them feel special and pampered by giving them. Consult our guide below to help you choose the best gift for the women on your shopping list.


Sweet smelling gifts

No matter the gift giving occasion – Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day – you can’t go wrong with a sweet smelling surprise. Whether it’s a gift basket filled with her favorite lotions and shower gels, or a bottle of her signature perfume scent, great smelling beauty products make a first-rate gift. What if you don’t know her favorite scents? Try asking the sales staff about the most popular selections, or consult the best-selling lists on online retail websites. Calvin Klein, Guess, Nautica, Burberry and Ralph Lauren all make in demand perfumes with irresistible scents. For lotions and bath essentials, try floral and fruity scents like plumaria, lavender, vanilla and mango.


Trips to the salon and spa

Some people shy away from giving gift certificates because they are afraid they are too impersonal. Trust me, the women in your life do not feel this way about salon and spa gift certificates! A safe bet is a massage gift certificate. Women also love manicure and pedicure gift certificates. You can try something more exotic and perhaps you’ll even treat her to a new experience. If she’s never had a facial or a body wrap, now is the time to see that she does. If you know that she enjoys having her hair highlighted and styled at a specific salon, find out if they offer gift certificates for her next appointment. Online daily deals are also easy to buy as gifts and send to the women you love.


Hair removal laser
Hair removal is a necessary evil for women. If you’ve seen your sister, friend or other close female relation struggling with unwanted hair, consider giving an at-home hair removal system or treating her to a laser hair removal session at the salon. You might be hesitant at first to give this gift. Aren’t there any laser hair removal side effects? Does laser hair removal hurt ? The truth is, laser hair removal side effects are generally mild and can include minor swelling and redness. These usually disappear within a day or two after treatment. Further, the Federal Drug Administration can clear a hair removal system for use in the home, so check with the manufacturer to see if the product has been cleared. Overall, the permanent results and reduced stress she’ll enjoy will be worth it!

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