Shaving is Fun Again- Mixing and Matching with Gillette Venus

I’m a hairy girl, and I cannot lie. Being of an Eastern European persuasion (privet, my fellow Ukranians!), pale, and blessed with coarse, darkest brown hair, give me a day of no shaving and I’ll give you one hairy situation, indeed. Now normally, I’d say eff it, who’s going to see my Sasquatch-caliber legs in the winter? But alas, I’m a gym girl, and that means that I rock shorts, capris, and tank tops on the daily. That means I need to remove said offensive fur from my body, and pronto. Enter an old favorite, Gillette Venus.

Gillette Venus is taking the humdrum and hubbub out of shaving, by giving hairy girls like you and I the option of mixing and matching. One handle, a bajillion (okay, slight exaggeration) different blade options. No matter what type of hair you have on your body, no matter what your shaving needs, Venus has you covered from pit to ankle.

While I am not above admitting that I do love me the color options, I also love that I can go with a more moisturizing blade (Venus with a touch of Olay) in the winter, and a more heavy duty 5-blades (Venus Embrace) when I really need to get in close. Honestly though, there are too many options not to find what you are looking for.

So who’s with me? Who else is a fan of the Venus Razor family? Don’t be shy, tell me all about it!

One thought on “Shaving is Fun Again- Mixing and Matching with Gillette Venus

  • November 28, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Personal I have been loyal to the Spa Breeze. Few months back I tried the Schick Hydro Silk and its the god of all razors…..Seriously!! …. By far the best and last with out getting dull.

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