Physician’s Formula Eye Palettes, Swatched and Reviewed

by K.B Contributor, Sarah H.

I love palettes. Having multiple shadows in one place always gets me all excited. Physician’s Formula has stepped up their game and created some really stunning packaging and great color compilations in their new eye palettes, which you’ll hear more about below!

First off is the Nude palette. Nude shadows have been all the rage lately, with Urban Decay’s Naked collection and Too Faced releasing two palettes of bare shades. Physician’s Formula definitely beat both prestige companies with packaging; the nude palette is adorably wrapped in pale pink satin and black lace. The indication of lingerie is both cheeky and adorable. The size of the palette is great too; while I wish there were dividers of some kind between shadows, the size makes it convenient to pop in your purse for quick touch-ups, which I love.

The shades selected for the palette are really lovely. They’re a slightly pearlescent finish, which is great for nude shades (which can quickly get boring if done matte). It constitutes a great to-go palette of basic shades, which every girl can use. The only down side is that the color payoff is really low on all but the lightest shades; be sure to foil (dampen your brush) to make the most of the colors. The pale shades, however, are worth it alone, as they provide a great set of highlighters for your brow bone!

The smokey eye palette isn’t quite as on point with packaging as the nude palette, but one can’t really complain when, again, it’s small enough to stick in your purse for quick touchups. I usually loathe the mini applicators companies put in their eye products. They tend to be useless and messy. The only one I have ever liked is the double ended angle liner brush Urban Decay included in their gel liners (I still have it to this day, and use it religiously). But Physician’s Formula did think this one through, and made a step up by including a nice little angled brush (hooray)! It doesn’t quite compare to a full sized applicator, but it is a huge step in the right direction.

The shades on this palette are nice; the purples are very on trend with bright smokey eyes that have been a la mode lately. Unfortunately, like the nude palette, the color payoff isn’t super high, so be sure to foil foil foil if you want to make the most of these pigments. The powder can be a bit on the loose side as well, so foiling will limit the fall out you get under your eyes. Overall, it’s a great product—especially for a non-prestige brand—and it seems that someone there is hopping right onto the latest trends in color families and packaging. Kudos, Physician’s Formula!

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