MAC on My Mind, and Lips- A MAC Lip Product Roundup and Review

by Sarah H, K.B contributor

I’m a MAC Freak. Whenever I get new Mac products, it automatically becomes a good day. So when I got these guys, it was a GREAT day. In fact, I did a little dance (very appropriate, as I AM a dancer). I love MAC because their products always have three things that I love: Amazing color payoff, great shades, and long wear. These eight lip products are no exception.

First up are the Cremesheen Glass lip glosses. In the picture, the swatches go: Imperial Light, Double Happiness, and Dynasty at Dusk from top to bottom. Of the three, Imperial Light is my favorite. These are all nice nude colors, and the trio alone are indispensable for any collection. Imperial Light is the darkest, and creates a really gorgeous, luscious nude lip that goes with just about anything. Dynasty at Dusk is a little lighter and more subdued, but still pairs great with a smokey eye. Double Happiness is on the light, pale side, and I would recommend it more over a nude lip as opposed to a standalone, but it can perk up dull lips quickly.

Next is the solo lip glass of this review: Ready to Roam (fourth down on the swatches). It’s so stunningly sexy and enchanting, it’s entirely irresistible. The crimson shade goes on with amazing color payoff, and like all Mac lip products, has a faint sugary scent that is delicious. It goes great alone, or over a nice red lip (such as Mattene in Eden Rouge, later in this review). Sexy, sleek, and shiny.

The next two are my favorites—mattene lipsticks. The finish is a creamy matte texture, which I absolutely LOVE. They last all day, no smearing or stickiness. Eden rouge (fifth down on the swatches) is my new favorite red lipstick. It’s bold, deep, rich, and sensual. The texture makes it perfect to wear alone, especially when paired with black eyeliner for a glamorous look. It’s counterpart, the mattene lipstick in Delectable, is a matte, clean nude shade, which pairs great with any of the Cremesheen Glasses reviewed above. It definitely is a bold statement, and can be worn with a nude face for a super chic fashion-forward look, or with a smokey eye for a balanced and beautiful level of contrast.

Finally there are the Pearl Lipsticks. Second from the bottom on the swatches is Coral Bliss. Normally I’m not a big fan of pearly or shiny lipsticks, but this shade is really pretty. It’s fresh, sweet, and perfect to liven up any face (and a great pick for the night after, when you need a quick and pretty refresher)! Japanese Maple is another victory in the nude shade family by Mac; it shows up beautifully and creates a softer, subtler nude tone that makes a great finish for any lip.

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