Krasey Fit Sneakers- Therafit by Dr Lisa Masterson

ADINA, it stands for:

Avid gym rat (and)
In constant motion
Needing relief for her
Aching feet

Like what I did there with my acrostic?

Anywho, this post is about a brand new product that this girl-on-the-go is super excited to take for a spin (run, walk, jog, etc). Therafit shoes are the ultimate comfort shoe, designed with our feet in mind. Whether you’re a New Yorker who is always pounding the pavement, or a woman in need of some super comfortable shoes to wear to the gym, these are touted as it.

And here they are!

Therafit Shoes are designed by Dr Lisa Masterson, as a solution for women looking for a shoe that is both comfortable and customizable. In the wedge of the heel are three pins, designed to be removed as needed for customizable support. These shoes are sleek, curved, and properly ventilated, ensuring these will be just comfortable whether it’s being used as a gym shoe, or a walking shoe.

Of course you all know that given a choice, I go for the option that features my signature pink and purple. I am looking forward to giving these a go, and updating you all on my progress. Stay tuned for all that, and more in the coming weeks.

Have you heard of Therafit shoes? Own a pair! Dish in the comments, won’t you?

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