Krasey Fit Review- The Fitness Cell Collective

Fitness Cell Collective
In this short time that I’ve committed myself fully to the gym rat lifestyle, I’ve tried my hand at many different workouts and facilities. From Core Fusion, to FlyWheel, to TRX and UXF, I consider my fitness experience set to be fairly robust. So leave it to Boaz Saar, of The Fitness Cell Collective, to show me that I haven’t in fact done it all. Read on to see why you need to try at least one Fitness Cell Collective class, if you happen to be in NYC, of course.

When I was invited to workout one-on-one with Boaz, one of the studio’s elite trainers, my initial reaction was a combination of excitement and slight fear. Then I entered the niche fitness studio, and all of those feelings were magnified, tenfold. From the suspension rings, to the mountain climber and ski apparatuses, to the rows of shiny new kettlebells, I knew I was in for one heck of a workout.

Boaz didn’t disappoint me, as he brought me through a sequence of intervals and sets that involved burpees, kettlebell swings, rounds on the ski, row, and mountain climbing machines, clean and presses, hanging knee lifts, and the list goes on and on. By the end of the session, not only was I dripping with sweat, but I was already feeling those telltale aches and pains of a workout gone so right.

On the studio, the space is everything you would expect of a niche boutique gym in the city. Clean, shiny, and packed with all kinds of wonderful equipment, this is definitely a gym one could get used to. Gone is the anonymity of many of those other chain gyms, and instead you enter a space that feels like home, with your fitness family present, of course.

Those of you who are in New York, definitely give the Fitness Cell Collective a try. Your mind, body, and muscles will thank you, after you get over all those aches and pains, of course!

The Fitness Cell Collective is located at: 328 east 61st street, 4th floor. Give them a call at: 212-988-8578

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