Flawless Skin in Your 20s

From hair removal to moisturizing creams, discover the secrets to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

Your 20s are a time to graduate to an adult skin care program. Women in their 20s should focus on avoiding skin damage, fighting acne, maintaining moisture and learning how to permanently remove hair.

Protect your skin

It’s important to keep sunblock lathered on your body during your 20s, especially focusing on keeping your face, neck, hands and chest protected from sun damage. If you still love that tanned skin look (and who doesn’t?) try a self-tanning lotion or schedule a spray tan at your local salon. You may begin to notice discoloration on your skin from earlier sun damage. Uneven skin tones can sometimes be repaired by cucumber masks, lemon juice applications and exfoliation treatments. If all else fails, select a foundation and concealer to cover the sun spots.

Keep blemishes at bay

You thought acne would magically disappear from your skin once you finished high school, didn’t you? Wishful thinking. Unfortunately, many women continue to see blemishes and acne throughout their 20s. Fight back by choosing a gentle facial cleanser that removes makeup and oil from your face without over drying your skin. You can also spot treat acne with over-the-counter products that contain either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Serious acne should be treated by your dermatologist.

Lock in moisture

Keep your skin hydrated by using a daily moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher on your face and neck. Use an allover moisturizing lotion on your entire body after your shower to lock in additional moisture. At night, use an oil-free moisturizer or hydrating fluid. Be sure to rub the moisturizer under your eyes or choose an eye cream. Moisturizing your skin keeps cells plump and prevents dirt and irritants from getting in.

Master the art of hair removal

Hair removal is an important part of achieving flawless skin. Stubble on your under arms, legs and bikini area can detract from the radiant skin you’ve been working for. While waxing and shaving offer a viable, temporary solution, you may be wondering how to permanently remove hair. For many women, the answer is laser treatment. Laser hair removal works by sending a beam of light energy down the hair shaft into the pigment at the base of the follicle. The heat disables the follicle, preventing the hair from re-growing. Laser hair removal effectiveness is monitored by the Federal Drug Administration. If you are considering laser treatment , be sure to check that the at-home system or salon laser is approved by the FDA.

Prepare for your 30s

Taking care of your skin now will keep your skin looking youthful and more beautiful as you approach and enter your 30s. The way you care for your skin now will determine how your skin looks the rest of your life.

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