Tatcha Skin Care Review

by K.B contributor, Sarah H

I’m always a little lost when it comes to skincare. If I hear it’s been hyped, I get intrigued and buy it, but somehow always end up disappointed. My uber breakout prone skin is mired with teenage issues, and most products either dry me out too much or cause breakouts. I confess, when I tried Tatcha, I was a little milquetoast. But their products changed my mind. Quickly.

I’m going to start with cleansers. Their cleansing oil terrified me. I have oily skin and am used to surrounding myself with bottles marked, “ABSOLUTELY 100% OIL FREE SERIOUSLY”. So a cleansing oil seemed scary. But I tried it. And was pleasantly surprised. It goes on silky and on the liquid side. It lathers nicely. And, most importantly, it rinses off clean. No oily residue, no gross shiny face. Just clean, soft skin. And I happily report that I also didn’t get any breakouts after using it. Victory? I think so.

Next is their unique Rice Enzyme cleansing/exfoliating powder. It comes in several varieties, from sensitive skin to extra strength. The envelopes are tiny and easy to open, and the powder is very fine and pours easily. Add water and it becomes a nice paste, which you rub onto your skin. Massage for 30 seconds or so and rinse, and you have shockingly clean skin. It’s the most unique exfoliator I have ever used, and I like that. It doesn’t give the usual microbead delivery, but rather a slightly matte finish to skin—which feels refreshingly baby soft.

The brightening serum is a great product, although it’s the least of this super standout line. It goes on really silky, not sticky at all, which seems to be a remarkable feature of Tatcha’s product line. It also absorbs quickly, and again leaves skin normal—no residue or weird textures. The down side is that I didn’t see any marked results after use, so while it’s a great application, the results are likely to take more consistent use over a longer period of time.

Finally, the anti-aging moisturizing cream. I love it, even though at 23 (as of this weekend) I seldom use hard-core anti-aging products. But this one doesn’t feel like the usual anti-wrinkle goop in a can. Not too thick, and again, not at all greasy—I swear Tatcha has a mastery of clean product application. It moisturizes skin ridiculously well for both day and evening use, absorbs quickly, and again, is non-comedogenic.

Overall? Pricey products, but free of all the flaws of standard skin care. The Japanese know what they’re doing when it comes to skin care!

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