Secret Thinks that Mean Stinks- Part 2

With this being National Anti-Bullying month, I’d like to re-hash an old post about a great initiative by Secret Deodorant. Mean Stinks is a campaign created to “help bring an end to girl-to-girl bullying by inspiring girls to ‘gang up’ around acts of good”. In addition to promoting their campaign across various platforms, including their Facebook page, Secret has just launched a brand new Mean Stinks edition of their Clinical Strength Deodorant, and $1 from each product purchased will be donated to Girls on the Run, to fund their girl empowerment programming.

Here is my bullying story (again), which offers up a look into what this campaign means to me:

This is the story of a precocious little girl, one who never really fit in among the various niches at the schools she attended. Made fun of for everything from her appearance to her mannerisms, she was the constant target of bullying by the other girls at her schools. That bullying cast a shadow over that little girl, and made it difficult for her to truly open up to anyone. They say that words can’t hurt, but that is not what the little girl would tell you.

Mean words and bullying hurt very much, and it is only made worse in this day and age by the very technology (computers, smart phones, the internet) that is heralded as the crowning glory of our modern era. That is why Secret is doing something about it.

Bullying, both then and now, continues to be a national epidemic amongst girls of all ages. An unacceptable condition, it is up to us to stamp out these mean behaviors that can be so detrimental to the human condition. With the tools and resources now available thanks to Secret, a brand that has always been about female empowerment, and the Mean Stinks Campaign, the tables can turn. With all of these modern resources available, today’s young ladies need not suffer the same ill effects of bullying that the little girl at the beginning of this post did. And that little girl, who is now a full grown and very much beauty obsessed woman, most certainly commends the effort.

To learn more about Secret’s Mean Stinks campaign, be sure to visit the Secret Mean Stinks Facebook Page today.

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  • October 10, 2012 at 12:52 pm

    Thanks so much for your blog post, Adina! We appreciate you raising awareness and spreading the word. If we all gang up for good together, we can help end the mean. Send us an email at — we would love to chat! 🙂

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