Review: Jane Iredale Lash Conditioner + Mascara


I’m writing a joint review for these products, because I think they’re the perfect pair! Jane Iredale’s Lash Conditioner and her mascara are easily summed up as the lash products I have been waiting for all my life. (What? Some girls wait for princes, I wait for mascaras. Priorities, priorities.) I cannot be more pleased with these two, and I say this with LOTS of experience in the mascara department. So allow me to break it down and give you the skinny (or, in this case, the fat—talk about volume)!

The Conditioner:

Usually I’m neutral about lash conditioners. I happen to be a very lucky lady with long and curly black lashes (even though I have pretty much no eyebrows). So I go more for mascara than for any kind of conditioner. But this one changed my mind. The unique formula coats lashes and tips them off with small extensions. It goes on white, which means you cannot wear it alone, but this also makes it super easy to coat them in an even black tone.

The conditioner applies just like a mascara, which is nice. The formula also is similar, which is different from most conditioners—which apply more like gels and are too liquidy for my taste. Au contraire, no more goopy blobs! Also, while long term the conditioner is supposed to help lashes grow and thicken, the short term effects are instant and awesome. The feathery extensions that automatically attach themselves to your existing lashes are fantastic, and make a huge difference.

The Mascara:

As far as mascaras go, I’m pretty picky. I want them to be black, but not goopy. Thicken, but not clump. Lengthen, but not dry out my lashes. And this one really does all of the above. Since it’s the same brand as the conditioner, when you use the mascara over the white extensions, you get fabulously long lashes. They look fake, in fact. Where the conditioner extends and smooths, the mascara picks up by curling and thickening. It goes on really slick—not too liquidy, not too dry. This is a godsend for ladies who hate flaky mascaras. The color is nice and dark, but doesn’t give you spidery lashes.

Overall? I cannot say enough good things about this duo. There hasn’t been a match this perfect since…well, I can’t even think of any famous duos that have anything on my mascara. Try it for yourself and see how many people mistake you for wearing falsies!

by Sarah H, KB contributor

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