Holiday Fun for the Entire Family

If you say anything to your children about family fun for the upcoming holidays, you may not get the reaction you thought. No parent wants their children to sigh and roll their eyes. Before you face that disappointment with your own children, it is time to suggest quirkier, hippier activities and to start some of your own traditions.

The Holiday Mash Up

Jack O’Lanterns are for Halloween. Easter eggs are obviously for Easter. Twinkling white lights are for Christmas. But, who is to say that your family cannot mix those things up just a little bit? What if you dye eggs in red and green for Christmas? You can use pumpkins to build snowmen as well. Any of your decor can transition from one holiday to the next with just a little bit of creativity.

Holiday Contests and Prizes

Get the kids off of the couch and into to the yard or basement to play a few holiday themed games with you. Gather old clothes and other items into boxes and then divide the family into teams. The team members are then blindfolded and are forced to “build” a snowman out of the stuff in the box — with one person being the dresser and getting dressed. This idea can be used for virtually any holiday- scarecrows for Halloween or Thanksgiving and bunnies for Easter. Give small prizes or bragging rights to the winning teams.

Spring games like egg races can be held for every season and holiday. For a Halloween twist, fill the blown out eggs with black confetti or even sparkly bats. Use the same concept for Christmas with glitter — bundle the kids up and let them pay egg toss in the snow. The eggs may not break quickly, which can lead to a more intricate game, with rules such as one hand catch. In addition to no clean up, the glitter will make the snow even more radiant.

Make it a Neighborhood Event

Family traditions can easily turn into neighborhood traditions. Invite the whole block to play along, setting up various games at each house like a small, holiday themed carnival.You can have a potluck supper with each family bringing a covered dish, as well as drinks for their own family. Make sure that there are plenty of photos to mark the occasion. You can also have each family design and order group tee shirts from that can include names or nicknames on the back of each. Not only can the neighborhood families compete against each other and create lasting memories, but the tee shirts will be saved for years to come.

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