Fashion from all over the World

Dresses from South African designers, shirts from a little Australian store or shoes from an unknown Italian shoemaker? In times of online shopping in the greatest mall of all – the Internet – inventing your own individual styles seems very easy. By making mobile payments you might not even have to set up a long shopping list but instead you can buy right away what you want to have.
Now that the new season begins and you are ready to renew your wardrobe with some stylish treasures, let’s take a look at some fashion from all over the world and predictions for future trends of next year:

  • Let’s start with something exotic: South African FashionIt might have the most colorful trends of all. When you look at that crazy streetwear it becomes pretty clear what the stylish people from Johannesburg prefer: Crazy colors, eye-catching patterns and metallic jewelry are the must-haves of every South African fashionvictim. Their trends embodies the sun, the beaches and their positivity.
  • Now let’s fly over to New York: The fashion weeks are over and we are overrun by the styles we have seen. Surprisingly, they predicted for next summer what South Africa already is already wearing today: colorful patterns – but a lot more decent than on the other side the world. Furthermore, they reinvented the 90s look with knotted flannel-shirts and transparent tops.
  • Looking over to the European Fashion,we will find extreme looks: Material blocking is extremely hip – collages of different cloths makes the style a lot different than in Africa or America. You will also find sheer layering and the new sandclock shaping, which puts attention to the waist by the so called “X”- or “8”-cut.

Just try out

It seems like it is absolutely impossible to do a ranking of the best or most fashionable trends. It is always a question of how YOU want to look like and what YOU want to express at first glance – but there is one feature you should have when claiming to be a fashion-victim: Take a look around, search worldwide onlineshops and use the endless chameleonic world of fashion to be inspired. THAT is what really makes you something special!

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