Body Byte- Brits look to Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian for body inspiration

Ever wanted to be as bootylicious as Beyoncé? Is your exercise regime geared around keeping up with Kim Kardashian? Well according to new research, you’re not alone.

These two curvaceous stars were named as having the most enviable body shape in a new survey conducted by MYA. The cosmetic surgery provider polled more than 1,000 people across the UK, with some somewhat surprising results. Asking which celebrity body parts were preferred, MYA found that British women want the body shape of Kim Kardashian, with the bum, legs and abs of Mrs Jay-Z.

MYA chairman John Ryan says these results clearly indicate that women are beginning to favour a curvier look, instead of the stereotypical ‘tall and thin’ ideal of beauty. He explained: “It’s great to see curvy women like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian topping the list for best body. I imagine that if we repeated the study 20 years ago, or in the US, we’d have drastically different results.”

It seems that many people are now understanding that curvy doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. So if you want to achieve the perfect curvaceous body, where do you need to start?

Former Destiny’s Child singer Beyoncé is proud of her curves, and quickly decided to regain weight after slimming down for 2006 film Dreamgirls. The star works out at the gym every day, but is not afraid to treat herself with high-fat food on occasions. This article outlines the kind of diet you should be targeting, and each day has three tasty meals – fad diets and skipping meals is not sustainable.  Two servings of oily fish (such as mackerel, fresh tuna and salmon) each week provide the essential Omega-3 fats to protect your heart and improve the condition of your skin and hair, while plenty of fresh fruit, vegetable and wholegrains will keep your digestive system running efficiently and prevent you from feeling bloated. And while you don’t need to completely cut out the carbs, replacing them with high-protein foods where possible will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

As for exercise, joining a gym is a good idea, but in this time of austerity you may not want to pay the high fees that come with membership. This article has a few pointers for ways in which you can create an exercise regime without the expense. Tips include watching fitness videos posted on YouTube and using TV ad breaks for quick bursts of sit-ups or ab crunches.


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