The Diary of an Unabashed Perfume Snob

I am notoriously picky about my perfumes.  I’m actually unapologetically selective about everything, even my low brow purchases.  A friend put it best when he said that I’m impossible to please, since I want the best or nothing at all.  I’m easily excitable, but hard to impress; and like most people, a walking contradiction.  The scent that surrounds a person creates a psychological and emotional connection that lasts a lifetime.  Every single time a person comes in contact with that scent again, they will think of you.  Do you want to smell like everyone else and therefore, be bundled with so many others that you won’t be remembered- a part of the herd- or would you like to be part of a few, or even (GASP!) uniquely you?!  That is completely up to you.  There are so many compromises to be made in life that being particular about the impressions you leave behind should not be a choice but an obligation!!! I opt to be unique.

After receiving a package with samples of boutique and unusual fragrances, Adina being fully knowledgeable about my, shall we say, peculiar sense of smell, decided that it would be a good project for me.  She was right; I was thrilled about the assignment!  With so many little vials of potentially indelible impressions, I decided to chronicle my adventure and share my experiences and do a little research to understand the choices behind the combination of scents chosen to create a single, lingering fragrance.  Here we go!

Day 1: D600 by Carner Barcelona (Unisex) –
I started out on a unisex note since men’s fragrances has been a part of my repertoire for many years, and I have to confess that I’m a fan of this perfume. It’s sexy, spicy, and warm with a hint of powder.  It’s old world in the best sense of the term.  But I didn’t find it particularly masculine, but rather reminiscent of L’Heure Bleu by Guerlain.  It is a sensual scent that lingers subtly on the skin like a skilled Latin lover!

Day 2: La Pluie by Miller Harris (Women) – A few years back Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris was my favorite fragrance and I wore it religiously until the bottle begged me stop
squeezing it.  So I was very excited to receive more of his fragrances to take for a spin.  La Pluie has a very different note, and is a beautiful summer fragrance.  It’s very delicate and feminine and received a two-thumbs up response from both my male and female victims.  It but didn’t strike me as strongly as my beloved FdT, but it’s a lovely fragrance that is getting is fair share of outings this summer

Day 3: La Fumée by Miller Harris (Men) – Everything about this fragrance screamed my name.  Its exotic combinations of citruses, cardamom, coriander, incense, elemi and caraway reminiscent of faraway places and long-gone eras were sure to make it a winner.  I really, really, really wanted to love this fragrance, and in many ways I still do.  It just didn’t love me back.  My type of skin and PH Balance is a prime candidate for these types of fragrances and I completely lean towards exotic, heavy (sometimes even ‘old lady’) scents. 9 out of 10, it’s love at first try.  But no matter how much I wanted us to have a passionate affair, La Fumée just wasn’t that into me.  The smokiness that I so adore, overwhelmed me, and instead of giving me a headiness of unusual incense, it left me smelling like a recently put out bonfire.  So heartbreaking, but if this kind of scent sounds right up your ally, give it a shot.  You may just be its type.

Day 4: 1697 by Frapin (Unisex) – I think I heard chanting in the background when I applied this fragrance.  Birds?  Angels? Who cares!  I swooned!!!!!!!  Resin, spices, rum…. It is warm, sexy, luxurious, mysterious, AMAZING! Need I go on?!  The scent is intoxicating and romantic without being over the top.  1697 is named after the year the Frapin family received their coat of arms by Louis XV; it’s an apropos name for such a regal fragrance.   It was meant to capture the atmosphere from the tastings of award-winning Frapin cognacs… but what it did indeed end up capturing was my heart!

Day 6, 7 & 8: Tardes by Carner Barcelona (Women) – This perfume is intoxicating.  I absolutely cannot stop wearing it.  At first whiff I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but its breadth is immense.  I’m actually utterly surprised that it’s not a unisex scent since there’s a note of masculinity in it; an undercurrent of dark passion in an otherwise sweet top scent. Tardes is dedicated to peace and harmony of the late summer afternoons, but it reminds me of the scents of early Autum – still warm and rich. This perfume has completely beguiled me, and everyone around me.  It has now earned a prominent place on my bureau and is my go to scent for a seduction outing.

Day 10: Honour by Amouage (Women) – Honour comes in a pair, one for men the other for women, but I only got the girly version out of the two.   The story behind the two is the last act of the heartbreaking opera Madame Butterfly, when she commits suicide after waiting for three years for her American husband to return to her. The heart of Honour Woman is white flower, which symbolizes unrequited love. But on a positive note, the final result of so much heart wrenching drama is an exquisitely rich perfume that changes throughout the day and draws others in as much as the tragic Geisha in her final moments.

The scent that you carry with you throughout the day, and touch the people you encounter, is something that lingers in the memory.  Memory and scent and intrinsically intermingled in the subconscious and becomes intrinsically associated with people, moments in time, places, etc….  You must ask yourself: do you want to be memorable? If so, how do you want to be remembered?
Subtly?  Signature?  Popular?
Mysterious?  Fun?  Girly?

All of those things can be accomplished with perfume.  So can you blame me for being demanding?!  I didn’t think you would….

Written by Carolina S, Krasey Beauty Contributor

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