OUT with the OLD, and IN with the NEW this Fall Season

When it comes to cleansing, why should spring have all the fun? This Fall is all about clearing the muck from my life, and making ME a priority. Here’s what I am trashing/stashing this fall.

Not getting my 8 hours of sleep

I live a very active lifestyle, and that’s no lie. Between my intense workouts, commuting, the day job, and 2 blogs, I certainly have my hands full. For that reason, it is ultra-important that I get my 8 hours. Without them, I am a cranky, exhausted mess.


The most important initiative of mine this fall is to eradicate negative thinking. Ever the pessimist, I am turning that negative thinking around. Think positive, and positive things will come my way, right?

Tons of OLD Clothing

My boyfriend can back me up on this- my closet is FILLED with clothing that dates as far back as elementary school (yes, I said it), simply because a. it is still wearable and b. it still fits. I solemnly vow to officially clean out my closet and clothing drawers, making room for shiny new clothing for the fall and winter season.

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One thought on “OUT with the OLD, and IN with the NEW this Fall Season

  • October 1, 2012 at 7:08 am

    I just fall cleaned this weekend too!! threw out 5 pair of old smelly converse – weird synchronicity – this site keeps getting better and better !!!

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