5 Must-Know Skin Care Tips

The skin is a veritable map of a person’s lifestyle choices and health condition. It is capable of regeneration up to a certain age. At about age 30, the skin begins to show some wear from overtanning, poor diet and inadequate care. It is not be possible to reverse the signs of aging, but an anti aging skin care regimen can diminish some of the damage.

Skin Cleansing

The skin is exposed to dust, grime and pollutants in the air. These particles combine with naturally occurring sebum to clog the pores. The skin will look dull and turn oily without regular cleansing. Use a low pH liquid cleanser on the face because regular bar soap will dry the skin and promote the signs of aging.

Pat the skin dry with a soft towel instead of dragging it harshly across the face. Cleanse the skin with a cotton pad soaked in witch hazel. It is a natural toner that will tighten the skin, prevent acne and reduce inflammation.


There are many ways to exfoliate the skin to slough off dead cells. A variety of facial masks can be made using ingredients commonly found in the kitchen.

One of the simplest masks is a sugar mask which is no more than a paste made from brown sugar dissolved in liquid glycerin. Apply the paste on the face, and scrub gently in a circular motion. The grains of sugar will scrub off dead skin.

A steam facial will open pores to loosen dirt and grime. Run hot water into the sink with the stopper in place. Cover the head with a towel and position over the steam for a few minutes. Scrub gently with a very soft facial scrubber like a loofah or a facial brush. Rinse with cold water to allow the pores to close. This process will deep clean and tighten the skin making it look younger and more radiant.


The skin loses elasticity with age. It is important to lock in moisture by applying emollients regularly. Petroleum jelly is a common ingredient of commercial moisturizers. It is cheap and effective. Apply a generous layer of pure petroleum jelly to the face after complete cleansing, and leave overnight for maximum moisturization.

Sun Protection

Accumulated sun exposure is one of the main causes of skin damage. Simple measures such as application of a broad-spectrum sun protectant prior to sun exposure will go a long way in preventing sun damage. Avoid sun exposure between the peak hours of 10 am and 4 pm and wearing protective gear will help to limit damage from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

For those who do not have the time and inclination to make their own skin care products, many online hubs have special packages of skin care products that are easy to apply. Some of these products are based on the five-step Lancer Method of skin improvement that involves polishing, cleansing, nourishing, treating and protecting the skin.

Diet, Exercise and the Works

Eat a well-balanced diet with an extra dose of fruits and vegetables. Drink enough water to keep the skin hydrated, and take nutritional supplements if necessary.

Exercise improves the skin tone. Sweating rids the body of toxins and impurities. With proper cleansing techniques after vigorous exercise, the skin will improve because exercise increases blood flow and enhances production of natural oils to give the skin that special glow.

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