Techy Tuesday- The HTC Incredible 3 is Really Incredible

Dear readers, let’s get something out in the open right now. While I may consider myself to be quite beauty, fashion, and fitness-savvy, I do have the tendency to geek out over various pieces of technology. Being that my intelligent cellular telephone (you like how I got all technical on you there, huh?) is practically an extension of my right arm, it should come as no surprise that the smartphone is an incredibly important piece of technology to me. My phone of choice these past two years has been the HTC Incredible Series, and with good reason- these phones rock. Now, HTC has just launched a 4G version, the Incredible 3. Here is all the ways that it is awesome:
Beats Integration
Music lovers will love that the new I3 (Incredible 3) comes with Beats integration. That means that whenever you plug your beats headphones into the phone, it KNOWS. It will automatically boost the quality of the sound, the base, and everything else that makes the listening experience better.
A bigger and better camera
In this day and age, it isn’t always easy to carry a camera around with me, especially when my purse is already close to bursting. The new camera on the I3 not only gives me the ability to add effects, shoot HD video, and take sharper pictures, but it also lets me take photos while shooting HD video. Super useful when I’m at my events.
Hello, 4G!
As we usher ourselves into a new era of the technological age, 4G is king. Not only is the signal super-powered, but it creates a more streamlined phone and data usage experience. I can’t wait to start using this phone as a tether, to check how great of a wireless hotspot it can become.
The HTC Incredible got a stylish new makeover, with it’s sleeker surface and texturized back, and of course at a recent event, I did, too. At a launch event for the new device, I was treated to a mani and blowout, just in time for a day brimming with events. Inspired by the HTC Incredible 3, here is an outfit of the day. A little black dress for the sleek black that encases the Droid Incredible 3, and red platforms and red lips acting just as those oh-so-sexy red accents on the phone do.
The HTC Incredible 3 is bigger (in features), badder, and better than ever. Look for it today, at your local Verizon store.

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