Review: Boots Botanics Organic Hydrating Face Cream

Let me start by saying that I have problem skin. And I mean problem skin. If my skin were a child, it’d have been in juvenile hall for the past decade. Except it’d escape, because my skin is super prone to breakouts. That said, finding a moisturizer that doesn’t cause my face to erupt into red blotches and bumps, but also doesn’t dry me out like crazy, is not easy. Finding one that also suits my college-student and part-time worker budget is even harder. Which is why I am over the moon about this $13 moisturizer I got at Target.

Boots, a drug store out of Britain, has their own line of organic, all-natural products which they dub, “Boots Botanics”. You can get it online or, more easily, through Target stores everywhere. The price is amazing; for $13 you get 1.69oz, which is a healthy supply that, by my usage estimates, will last about 3 months (give or take).

I am not a huge devotee of organic skincare and cosmetics; I use some—like Origin’s Never a Dull Moment gel cleanser—but I look more at how the product works for me as opposed to what it’s got in it. Sometimes that means I go organic, sometimes not. The key thing I look for is whether or not it’s acnegenic, comedogenic, and what kind of skin it’s designed to be used on (oily, normal, combination, etc.) The Boots Botanic daily moisturizer is definitely one that, I think, could be used across the board in terms of skin types.

The texture of the cream is rich and whipped. It reminds me a bit of a lotion; thin when it goes on, thick in the container. It does indeed apply well, giving you a perfect bang for your buck in terms of how much you use in one go. I find that a nickel sized amount goes all over my face and neck.

It takes a good minute to set in, but you can start to feel the effects immediately. The first time I used it, my skin went from, “meh” to, “ooooh baby!” which felt great. It manages to moisturize skin from the inside out, quickly and effectively, but without causing dryness or breakouts (thanks, natural ingredients). Even though it’s a daily moisturizer, I’ve taken to using it at night as well, because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling overly submerged in serums or creams. I am proud to say I haven’t had a single pimple since I started using it two weeks ago. While I realize correlation doesn’t imply causation, I can say that it’s a marvelous coinkydink that I’ve had the best skin in ten years  while I’ve been using this stuff. And hey, at $13, it’s certainly not much to lose!

By Sarah H

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