Life and Hair in Color, with Sultra

This isn’t the first time I am making mention of Sultra for their bomb(shell) products, and it most certainly won’t be the last. New to me, and to you all of course, is a slew of hair tools and accessories that have me all up in a tizzy. From hair mascaras that actually show up on my died locks, to heat tools that are nothing short of perfection, these next few months hold a whole lot to love from one of my favorite hair brands.
First up, their extensions. Yes, I did dedicate a whole post to their colorful extensions, but I’m bringing it up again, okay? Not only does Sultra pack an assortment of neon-colored strands, but also pastels, and even animal prints. Now don’t lie, you know you all want pink leopard in your hair (I do).
Also along a similar line, the new colored mascara is all sorts of amazing. Those who have been following along here for quite some time know of my fondness for purple locks. Well, imagine my excitement at trying a hair mascara that not only plays VERY well with my hair color (it shows purple, and pink, and coral, oh my!), but also gets along nicely with my hair tools. All I have to do is brush it on, give it a few minutes to dry, and then run a comb through gently before styling as usual. Seriously, my excitement over this waterproof (you need shampoo to remove it) mascara knows no bounds.
Next up, the one hair iron to rule them all. Curly girls know, it takes two things to bring hair to flat, frizz-free perfection- high heat, and tension. Imagine now the perfect iron, which provides both, effortlessly. The Diva hair iron features two heat settings (for natural and relaxed hair), and a patented ridged surface that grabs onto the hair, keeping the tension as you run this oh so smooth iron through your soon-to-be silky locks. Fifteen minutes, and my curly, to my butt-length hair is straight as a pin. Ahhhh, bliss.
Also very new and exciting, the Bombshell Curling Iron has experienced a makeover of its own. This conical iron not only reaches deliciously high temperatures, but also features a uniquely patterned surface, which ensures that hair stays wrapped around the clip-less barrel for as long as you need it to.
Last but not least, the new oval curling iron is perfect for creating those tight, serpentine curls that you crave. Much like the original Bombshell, this curler is both hot, and clip-less. Wrap your hair around it as per usual, to stunning curl effects.
The coming months are a holiday for hair, with so much to love coming from none other than Sultra. Keep your keen beauty eyes peeled for these new additions ladies, for your hair will thank you!

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