Guest Post- Five Beauty Products, Five Minutes

I’ll admit it: Whenever possible, I take my time getting ready, even if it means isolating myself in the bathroom for an hour and a half. I enjoy it. Doing my hair, my makeup, it’s fun. Unfortunately, there’s this bizarre thing called being late, and sometimes I have to avoid it by cutting into my routine. A lot. Have I mentioned that I tend to oversleep as well?

Well, anyway, whether you’re like me and cannot stand going out of the house without any makeup on, or if you’re one of those super lucky low-maintenance girls who wants to feel glam fast, I have a regime for you. I call it the “Five Products, Five Minutes” method. Which would be because you use five products and the whole thing takes about five minutes, and leaves even picky ladies like me feeling glam and fresh.

I always start with either a tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier’s are my all time favorites) or a light-medium weight foundation (like Benefit’s new Oxygen foundation). Liquids are easier and quicker because you can rub them on with clean fingers instead of having to use a brush, like with mineral powders or thicker foundations. Voila! Fresh faced skin. I skip the powder, because a little dewy glow adds to the fresh look.

Next is blush. While some ladies can get by without it, I am very, very white, and foundation brings out my whiteness even more. So I pop open my favorite peachy-pink blush (Clinique’s Precious Posy) and in ten seconds go from vampire to “I’m not a morning person, but I’m trying”. Peachy tones are great because they give the skin a natural looking glow that’s soft, but doesn’t require the careful precision of bolder blushes.

This step is probably the most polarized. For some strange reason of genetics, I have extremely, extremely thin eyebrows, despite having dark hair. For ladies blessed with luscious brows, you can probably skip this step, or else just swipe on a little brow gel. Ladies like me will want to take a minute to fill things in. I use Carmex (yes, the lip balm) on a precise angled eyeliner brush (mine was $5 at CVS) and a taupe colored, matte, eye shadow. The Carmex acts as a low-gloss wax to keep my few eyebrow hairs in line, while the matte shadow allows me to make up for what the eyebrow fairy cheated from me. Use short, hair-like strokes along your natural brow shape to give the illusion of naturally awesome eyebrows.

I save the most time by skipping the eye primer, shadow, liner, and glittery topcoats. Moisturized, fresh eyelids actually look wonderful and pretty without all the accoutrements, and if you want, a quick dab of concealer will take ten seconds and remove any veins or discoloration. Which leaves us ready and fresh for the fourth product: Mascara. Long and luscious lashes are a great way to make eyes pop, but without spending half an hour and $200 worth of product. I love a simple, glossy black, like Clinique’s High Impact Lashes, which is both super affordable and never clumps.

Finally, we have the piece de resistance. To give myself that last pump of glam and make me feel fashionable and pretty as opposed to just “eh”, I top things off with a fresh coat of red lipstick. My current favorite is Covergirl’s Lip Perfection Lipstick in Hot Passion. I find that blue-based reds look great on almost everyone, make teeth look whiter, and stay on an incredible amount of time. This shade in particular is cheap, stays on forever, and is wearable for everyone I’ve met. Red lipstick? Instant glam.

That’s it! Five products in five minutes, to leave you feeling glamorous, without cutting into your precious beauty rest!


**Sarah first started playing with makeup at age three, and was full on obsessed by age five. Her career in ballet has allowed her to experiment with all kinds of makeup, while she stockpiles a safe stash in her bathroom as well. In addition to being a ballerina, she is also a writer, artist, and sometime photographer. You can check out her photography at And feel free to drop her a line anytime at

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