Tone Turns it Up with Kellie Pickler

Dear readers, let us discuss two brand new topics in this here post. The first and most note-worthy item would of course be beauty-related (this is a beauty blog, after all), while the second is not so beauty-related. At a recent event, I had two very unique experiences: the first- well, I got to peek at Tone’s awesome new Fruit Peel Body Wash. The second- I had my very own country music enlightenment if you will, in the form of a private performance by American Idol-bred superstar, Kellie Pickler. Let’s discuss amongst ourselves.
Tone has just launched a brand new body wash, jam-packed full of Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid that gently sloughs away dead skin, even as it cleans. Why fruit acids from such pantry staples as Citrus, Kiwi, and Apple? Well, fruit acids are gentle (and natural) chemical exfoliants, which slough away all the cruddy dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin. When the dead skin cells are gone, your skin is left radiant, smooth, and glowing. Oh, and if all of that wasn’t wonderful enough for you (picky lot, us beauty-philes), Tone has also thrown in some Vitamin E for moisture, and a delicious scent that will have you spending just a little more time in that shower of yours, basking in the yummy, fruity goodness.
So what does country music have to do with all of this? Well, In collaboration with Kellie Pickler, Tone has just launched the Tone Turn it Up! Campaign. By visiting the Tone Facebook Page, fans will be given access to exclusive Kellie content, such as videos, Facebook chats, and blog posts. Fans will also be given the opportunity to win prizes via contests, with the biggest prize of them all being an all-expenses paid trip to Nashville, to meet Kellie herself.
I may not have mentioned this before, but I am not typically a country kind of girl. However, after hearing Kellie perform live (and not 2 feet away from me, I might add), I just may give the genre another listen. Having spoken to her after the performance, I couldn’t help but get as excited about Tone’s newest as she is.
When it comes to the business of bathing, Tone is my current top pick, for it’s delicious scent and skin renewing properties. Oh, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that Kellie digs it, too. You can find the new Tone Fruit Peel Body Wash at a drugstore near you.
Oh, and before I forget, be sure to visit the Tone Facebook Page, for your opportunity to win a chance to go backstage at one of Kellie’s concert, meet her, and more!

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