MAC Ruffian Collection, Reviewed

It is no secret that MAC is the premiere beauty brand at New York Fashion Week. With a slew of amazing designer collaborations under their belt, MAC adds one more with the Ruffian Collection- a set of lipsticks and press-on nails designed to bring a little taste of fashion week to the masses.
Fourscore and several seasons ago, MAC released a coveted shade of lipstick exclusively for Ruffian called Ruffian Red. Those who attended the show were given a tube, while all others were left clamoring for more. Well folks, Ruffian Red is back, along with Ruffian Gold, and Ruffian Naked, which is the shade that I got to play with.
Ruffian Naked
Ruffian Naked is the perfect nude. In other words, my favorite kind of lipstick.
Ruffian Spectator

With the Ruffian Manicure, MAC has created a pressing situation on your hands. Inspired by the amazing manicures seen backstage, the Ruffian manicure features a full set of nails in gorgeous designs, for wearing or sharing whenever the mood for fancy nails strikes. Spectator is the variation that I partook in, and it features not only a black half moon and tip on a cream nail, but also Ruffian’s signature insignia, as an accent.

MAC for Ruffian is a limited edition exclusive. Be sure to snatch up your favorite Ruffian items, a.s.a.p.

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