Krasey News! An Introduction to the Krasey Fit Blog

Many of you will notice that I’ve been kind of quiet here lately, and there is a reason for that. Here is one of them.
Being that I am more than obsessed with the world of fitness, it should come as no surprise that tons of fitness snippets eventually found their way onto my humble little beauty blog here. Fitness is a beautiful part of many a lifestyle, but also, my thirst for fitness things cannot be quenched by mere mention here alone. With that in mind, a seed of an idea began to sprout. Why not start a fitness blog? So I began to brainstorm.
I wanted a space that would be easy on the eyes, in line aesthetically with Krasey Beauty, and of course, geared toward the fit girl’s lifestyle. While I knew what I wanted in terms of content, I also knew that I needed to call in a pro to help me format it. Then along came Evandro of Quarto Estudio, and things fell into place. Evandro is actually the genius who designed this site that you see before you, and design it well he did for I have stuck with this format for nearly two years.
Full of ideas, and with Evandro’s expertise and skill at design to back me up, Krasey Fit found its own little place on the big, wide interweb. So without further adieu, I would like, nay love to introduce you all to a blog over a year in the making, Krasey Fit!
Krasey Fit is a blog about all things fun, fit, fashionable, and fab in NYC. That in mind, I will be updating the site fairly frequently  with tales of my fitness exploits, some of my favorite fitness things, and other fun snippets. I truly hope you all embrace the site as much as you have this one, for fitness and krasey fit are both labors of love for me.
Pop on over to Krasey Fit, and tell me what you think! Oh, and if you are looking for a master to help you redesign your own site, look no further than to Evandro of Quarto Estudio.

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